Ingredients – What Should You Look For?

I have a passion for people getting the best results, and the most value for money. There are so many products on the market that do little or nothing – in effect, they just sit on the surface of your skin.  They may protect your skin from losing moisture or if they contain a sunscreen (mineral not  chemical) they will protect you from the sun’s rays, but that’s about all.  They are pretty much a waste of your hard-earned money and usually have a high water content.

My belief is that we should only be using cosmeceutical grade skin care.  Cosmeceuticals are a combination of botanical extracts and active ingredients.  Active ingredients have the capacity to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin where the collagen is produced. This is where we want to target so as to slow down/repair the signs of aging.  Cosmeceuticals provide high concentrations of active ingredients.  These active ingredients work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to reduce pigmentation or sun damaged skin, plump and firm the skin.

Ingredients that you should be on the lookout for in your skin care products are:

Vitamin A (Retinol) – Refines texture of the skin, assists in diminishing sun damage and pigmentation.

Vitamin B – assists in moisture loss and promotes healing.

Vitamin C – stimulates the production of collagen which results in firmer, plumper skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – holds moisture in the skin, ie: very hydrating.

AHA’s and BHA’s – Exfoliators that refine the skin, also working to reduce pigmentation.

Peptides and Tripeptides – Contribute to skin condition, targeting cell renewal through the regeneration of collagen.

Bakuchiol – A plant-based alternative to retinol.

Botanicals for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects:  Some regularly used botanical ingredients include: Brown Algae, Sea Buckthorn, Beech
Tree, Bisobolol (from the Chamomile flower), Malula seed oil.


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